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Integrated court order compliance with the UK’s largest judicial services group

Marston is UK’s largest judicial services group with circa 2,000 employees and agents. We act on behalf of taxpayers to recover outstanding criminal fines, child support arrears, council tax, congestion charges, and bus lane contraventions. We also recover unpaid Employment Tribunal Awards due to employees and unpaid invoices due to small businesses.

Marston Holdings Limited, which owns Marston, acquired Harrison HCE in January 2012, Rossendales in March 2013 and Swift in August 2013, Collectica in June 2014, Scott & Co in June 2015 and Moreton Smith in August 2015.

The companies process over 1.4 million court orders per year, with over 2,000 staff and self-employed agents and combined revenues of £55 million. 

We work for the taxpayer.

Obtaining compliance with orders of the court plays an important role in society. It helps to demonstrate that justice is seen to be delivered – whether that’s a criminal fine recovered, a child maintenance commitment honoured or council tax arrears addressed.

Lower council tax
Recovering unpaid council tax, for example, keeps council tax bills £80 lower, on average, than they would otherwise be.

We work for small businesses too, helping those businesses to stay in business by recovering amounts owed to them.

Vital cashflow
Cashflow is of critical importance for any business, but especially for small and medium sized enterprises operating in the challenging economic environment of recent years.

We also work for individuals and employees, in particular recovering amounts owed to employees from unpaid Employment Tribunal Awards.

Maintaining the highest professional standards of service that demonstrate our commitment to ethics, transparency and customer service excellence is a vital part of our success. See how our many initiatives are designed to support this.

More on ethics & governance 

We serve a range of central and local government clients.

We have provided services to the magistrates courts since 1978, and we currently receive over half-a-million cases per year, representing approximately 65% of all fines issued in the courts. We also undertake committal warrants on behalf of the courts, both in terms of bail and no-bail warrants.


We collect taxes on behalf of HMRC, including unpaid VAT, national insurance contributions, self assessment income tax and PAYE income.


Legal Aid Agency
We have a national contract with the Legal Aid Agency relating to processing of Legal Aid contributions that are not in default, but also potentially recovering arrears in some cases.


Child Support Agency
We also have a national contract with the Child Support Agency, recovering unpaid child maintenance on behalf of Parents With Children.


Transport for London & Student Loans Company
As well as these central government contracts, we have worked for Transport for London since the introduction of congestion charging in 2003, and we also work for the Students Loans Company.


265 local authorities
We operate 265 local authority contracts across England & Wales, relating to recovery of unpaid council tax, recovery of unpaid parking penalties or both. This is one the reasons why we are delighted to welcome Baroness Eaton, a former Chair of the Local Government Association, to our newly formed Advisory Group.


Key resources

Operating nationwide, with over 2,000 employees and agents recovering over £200 million per year on behalf of taxpayers, businesses and individuals:

  • 10 regional centres: Epping, Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Darlington, Leeds, Ossett, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • 600+ dedicated enforcement agents
  • 80 High Court specialists
  • A team of highly experienced authorised High Court Enforcement Officers
  • A fully-integrated customer contact centre
  • Dedicated client managers
  • Compliance, audit and fraud teams that perform on and off street audit checks on our agents
  • A welfare support team trained by the Samaritans
  • A tracing and investigation division with access to enriched data and leading market intelligence
  • 16 ANPR equipped vehicles, a fleet of total lift removal vehicles and our own vehicle pound
  • A specialist arrest enforcement team with security enhanced vehicles
  • City & Guilds accredited learning and development programmes, facilities and trainers

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